Thursday, May 13, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving

Now this is my idea of flowers for Mother's Day - the kind that last not but a few days, but for an entire season. My husband bought me these two hanging baskets of vining petunias, one of the few types of plant I cannot kill, to grace the back of our house. They're looking very pretty by our statue of St. Francis standing in front of our adorably dilapidated little fence, the one that my husband keeps insisting we remove from our property, but which I keep chaining myself to and hollering, "Nooooo....!!!!"

Later on this summer, when the petunias are spilling over their containers nearly down to the ground and the grass is a green carpet and St. Francis looks more than usually content with his position as guardian of our driveway, that scruffy little bit of fence will provide a very picturesque backdrop for the people driving down the busy street just beyond the top of the photograph.

Thank you, honey!! I love the lovely baskets!


Kayte said...

Love, love, love the flowers, the hanging basket holder, the St. Francis statue, and THE FENCE. Don't tear it down, it's absolutely gorgeous with all that. I can't wait to see it on Sunday. Please don't kill these before Sunday (tee hee, just kidding on that part).

Shauna said...

DON'T TEAR DOWN THE FENCE!!!! PLEASE! I think it is charming.

Amy said...

Very pretty! Fence included. I think Kayte, Shauna and I might have to start a "Save the Fence" movement on Facebook.