Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seeing the labels

Here are the Barefoot wines I mentioned a few posts ago, the delicious Moscato and the Pinot Noir I used in the beef bourguignon, featured with one of my grandmother's pretty little etched wine glasses.

I, no oenophile here in the heart of Hoosierland, usually judge my wines by the attractiveness of the labels. There have been quite a few times when this ridiculous manner of discernment has bitten me on the behind -- or perhaps more accurately, the tongue. So I have to say that I wasn't particularly attracted by either the label or by the name of the vineyard. Barefoot vineyards? I thought. Probably run by a bunch of hairy old hippies. Not nearly as adorable as my other recent find at Easter, Cupcake Vineyards, which produces a chardonnay that is really nice, plus has the cheek-pinchy cutest name and labels, like, ever.

One taste of that Moscato, though, and I stopped caring about hippies, excessive body hair and could only sigh, "Groovy, man. Totally, like, far out" as I sipped, resisting the urge to glug it straight from the bottle. There are explanations on the website about how Barefoot Wines & Bubbly came about its name, so I advise you to go give it a read while you enjoy a glass of whatever kind you choose.

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Sharon said...

I. LOVE. Barefoot wine!
Pinot Grigio and Moscato are my favorites. It does NOT taste like cheaper wine, either.
I so agree with you. Great wine.