Friday, May 7, 2010

My favorite things

This is the door that leads into our upstairs bathroom and if we ever leave this house, I'm hoping that our landlord, who is a doll, will be okay with my taking this entire door with me. I love it so much.

We only have two pressed glass doorknobs like this left in the house. The rest are either really old brass ones that could just break your heart with the polishing and all the rest are awful modern ones that have no soul at all.

But this doorknob is something special, as is the one that graces the door to the storage area off our laundry room. Every time my hand touches that doorknob, every time I see the patina on that Art Deco door plate -- every time I see the generations of paint that have been applied to that six-panel door, my heart just soars.

I just love that whole door, with an unreasoning, unrequited affection that my husband finds endearing and my children find amusing in a "Isn't she a funny old dear?" kind of way.

Is there something in your house that you love?


Kayte said...

Back in the 60's, my Granny Franny visited her old home for the last time as her brother who owned the farm, had decided the Old Place must come down as it was a hazard, etc., and no one had lived in it since the 40s. She was very sad, and when she went out to visit it for the last time, she told my Grandfather (often used to strange requests from her), that she would like to take home the stair door.
"What??? What do you want with that old stair door?" My granny told him that she always remembered it, the wood, the feel of the handle, all the time she went up and down and closed and opened that door. Enough said. Grandpa took down the old stair door and carted it home, storing it in the garage. Want to know what became of that old stair door? I will show you next time you are grandfather made Rosary Cases out of it...I have hers, she left it to me in her will, along with her Confirmation and Wedding Rosaries. The Old Stair Door from the home she grew up in from 1910 until 1932, the year she married my grandfather. And for the next 8 years, the house she brought her babies to until the Folks moved into a smaller house when the last two children were all that were left of 8 still at home. I don't think you are silly at all...I grew up with just this sort of silliness all around me!

Amy said...

Nothing intrinsic to the house. Boring, there are five of my house on my street neighborhood. Enjoy the history of yours!