Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pppppbbbblllltttt to Avatar

Just in case you were wondering, "Ppppppbbbbllllttt" is the official typed rendition of that assortment of phonemes known as "the Bronx cheer," "the raspberry," or "the fart noise," to everyone except my mother, who just read That Word and fainted.

I managed to sneak off to my quiet, cozy bed last night with a copy of the first Percy Jackson novel while everyone else was still downstairs watching Avatar. To my surprise, I only had about ten minutes to myself because I heard a number of feet tromping up the stairs. Everyone came into the room and looked at me.

"That movie," my husband said definitively, "stinks."

"Like a load of crap," Aisling added.

"Talk like a lady," I murmured, briefly glancing up from Percy's struggles with Ares, the god of war.

"You don't," Aisling said pertly.

"Don't speak to me pertly," I said, giving her a look that would have turned Medusa to granite.

"I can't figure out why so many people thought that was a good movie." Meelyn is a pro at steering her sister out of dangerous waters. "What a waste of time. We should have gone to Redbox."

"It was a load of crap," my husband offered.

"Talk like a la-....oh, never mind," I said.

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Shauna said...

The movie was pretty awful. Unless you watched it in theaters. The animation was pretty cool.

But it's pretty much like Pocahontas on crack.