Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pat? I have a job for you....

I'm posting this photo because I was substitute teaching yesterday? And the teacher I was working for is the only person I've ever encountered whose desk was worse than mine.

So Pat, my brother, is all Mister-Clean-Sweep and wants to grab a huge trash bag and ruthlessly throw other people's messy junk important books and papers into it, silencing their protests with a sharp, "Have you used this in the past week? No? Okay, then: INTO THE TRASH!!!"

Every time my family comes over, I hasten to tidy things up on my desk so that my mother won't (inwardly) wring her hands and wonder where she went wrong, she who made me clean between the cracks in the hardwood floors with a straight pin and dust the chain link fence, and Pat won't give me that one-eyebrow look that says he's just biding his time until I leave the room to get a deck of cards and then he's going to pull out the lawn and leaf-sized bag he's probably carrying in his pocket for random acts of cleanliness and scrape everything off and cart it away to the dumpster he tows behind his car.

My thought with this post is that the very sight of this picture will drive him so insane, he'll try to track the school and the teacher down and harangue her into throwing half that crap away and organizing whatever is left and that endeavor will keep him off the backs of the rest of us, allowing us to enjoy a little harmless muddle. Kieren? Dayden? Kiersi? You with me on this?

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Amy said...

My desk at work is cluttered, but in a neat paper stacks sort of way. Lots of stuff on the desktop, but at least I can see the desktop. I bet the lady you subbed for is the kind of teacher who loses assignments all the time.