Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's yours?

One of my favorite treats is a handful -- okay, shut up, three handfuls, are you happy now? -- of Skittles and some really cold ice water. The Skittles can be the original flavor or either of the other new kind or, snaaaaap!!! A combination of all three. But the water? It has to come out of my kitchen tap. It cannot be filtered water or bottled water, both of which taste like a mouthful of salt to me. We're very lucky to live in a city that has delicious drinking water.

I'm also kind of picky about my ice, preferring the clear kind that comes in the plastic bags to the kind produced by our freezer. The bagged ice is so pretty and pure looking. And would probably taste like a mouthful of salt to me if it was melted down in a cup. I never claimed to be either reasonable or consistent.

What's your favorite treat?


Shauna said...

I like crunchy ice. Like, those little pellet kind of ice cubes. Those are my favorite.

We drink tap water too! We used to have a Britta filter, but stopped using it because the filters were so expensive. We just keep glass pitchers of tap water in the refrigerator (because I like my water COLD).

My favorite snack changes a lot these days, but I am always happy with a bowl of white cheddar popcorn and some lemonade or iced tea. :)

Shelley said...

Oooh, I like that pellet ice, too! You used to be able to get it in the soft drinks at White Castle hamburger places around here, but not anymore. It's a shame, because I used to specifically drive across town to get a Diet Coke with that ice in it.

We do the glass pitchers in the fridge, too. Plastic just isn't the same! And white cheddar popcorn always works for me. Mmmm...