Saturday, May 22, 2010

Date night for the middle-aged set

My husband and I went on a date last night to our favorite Chinese restaurant, although it would probably be only fair to add that the only reason our children weren't with us is because this restaurant is kind of a scary dive and neither girl will step through the door. It's very cheap, however, and their buffet is plentiful and so we go there. It's our own little getaway.

We also rented a movie from Redbox and that one had to be one the girls would also want to watch, so we got a fun vampire movie called The Vampire's Assistant -- honestly, is everything about vampires nowadays? Good grief.... -- and it was actually pretty good. It was made from a series of novels known as "The Saga of Darren Shan," and considering most books are about a shazillion times better than the movies they're based on, I think I'll try to find those novels and come to my own conclusion.

The evening made me think about the times before children when my husband and I used to get home from work, spit-shine ourselves, and then head over to Indianapolis to go to a real dinner and a real movie and even though tonight was definitely on the cheap side and those times nearly twenty years ago were so much fun, I believe I like this better.

"Me, too," said my husband, and that was good to hear.


Shauna said...

Middle aged?

What does that say for Doug and I. Our favorite Friday (or Saturday) night date activity is renting a movie and home-making a pizza to share. Sometimes we go all out and buy a bottle of root beer. ;)

We do the typical pre-kids thing with a proper dinner out and a movie in theaters, but it costs so much money to do that, and we prefer to watch movies in our pajamas.

Amy said...

Now I'm hungry for a Chinese buffet...