Friday, May 14, 2010

Not where I should be

This is a shot of the television in our living room where the rest of my family is watching Avatar and I am sitting here "watching the movie," which has completely BORED ME TO SOBS.

I have to admit: unless it's a Shakespeare film, or The Full Monte or A Christmas Story, I'm just not a movie person. I really hate going to the cinema because it is just awful having to sit there in the dark for hours and you can't pause the show and get up to pee. And at home, it's even worse. Because there, if you get up and sneak off pretending that you're going to just go grab a Diet Coke when really what you're going to do is go over to the computer and play Solitaire on Webkinz until the credits start rolling, people start yelling, "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! YOU'D BETTER NOT BE GOING TO THE COMPUTER!!! SIT DOWN AND WATCH THIS WITH US, BAD MOMMY!"

Ugh, it's just awful.

I have to hand it to James Cameron, however. He certainly seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to movies. I still haven't forgiven him for the epic stupidity of Titanic, and now the man has convinced a gazillion people to pay gazillions of dollars to go see this movie about blueberry people and there's something really pro-environment and anti-military about the whole thing but I just don't CARE ENOUGH to sit there and piece it all together. If I did, I'd probably be really annoyed and then I'd care too much and be forced to write a strongly worded letter to....who? Maybe my husband, whose idea it was to do an insta-rental from Comcast On Demand. But why write him a stongly worded letter when I can just pinch him in his sleep?

I just don't get it. What was it that was supposed to be so good about this movie?

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